Aluminum Channel System (U-16) for Philips® Hue Lightstrips | 5-Pack

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  • Aluminum Channel System (U-16) for Philips® Hue Lightstrips | 5-Pack - Dropality - 1

Aluminum Channel System (U-16) for Philips® Hue Lightstrips | 5-Pack

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What are LEDdrop® aluminum channels?

While the aluminum channels house and protect your LED strip lights from dust, hair and physical contact, the milky, oyster-white channel covers diffuse the harsh brightness and spotty intensity of the LED lights themselves. Our light-diffusing covers soften the 'spottiness' of LED strip lights, generating an overall more consistent and uniform light.





Why would I want the U-16 model as opposed to the other models?

Just as our other channel models, the U-16 brings the same professional finish and modern aesthetic to your LED strip lights. The key difference, however, is that this U-16 model has a 16mm inner width. By comparison, the U-12 model has a 12mm inner width. Being slightly wider, the U-16 model can fit Philips® Hue Lightstrips perfectly. Therefore, if your LED strip lights run wider (such as the second generation of Philips® Hue Lightstrips), we suggest you use the U-16.


  • (1) Stick the LED strip light's adhesive backing inside the LEDdrop® channel
  • (2) Slide on the diffuser cover
  • (3) Mount the channel whenever desired

Using the adhesive backside, stick the LED strip light into an LEDdrop® channel. Then slide the channel cover into place: simply slide the end of a cover into the end of a channel. Once properly started, you can slide it all the way into place. To remove the cover, slide it out. It's that easy. For surface mounting the channels, steel mounting clips and screws are provided.

What's in the box?

  • 5x - LEDdrop® aluminum channels (each 1m long) 
  • 5x - oyster white, light-diffusing channel covers 
  • 10x - end caps (5x with holes for electrical wiring/threading) 
  • 10x - steel mounting clips 
  • 20x - screws (to be used with mounting clips, if desired).

Note: LEDs are not included.


You can read more about what LEDdrop Aluminum Channel Systems can do for LED strip lights here.

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